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 | Magnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation Springer Theses

||From the Back Cover|This thesis describes a proof-of-principle experiment demonstrating a technique for stable isotope enrichment called Magnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation (MAGIS). Over the past century many enriched isotopes have become avail

This thesis describes a proof-of-principle experiment demonstrating a technique for stable isotope enrichment called Magnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation (MAGIS). Over the past century many enriched isotopes have become available, thanks largely to electromagnetic separators called calutrons. Due to substantial maintenance and operating costs, the United States decommissioned the last of its calutrons in 1998, leading to demand for alternative methods of...

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You easily download any file type for your gadget.Magnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation (Springer Theses)   |  Thomas R. Mazur. I have read it a couple of times and even shared with my family members. Really good. Couldnt put it down.

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