[Library ebook] Fractional Calculus with Applications for Nuclear Reactor Dynamics

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|| ||"The textbook covers a wide range of models and methods for neutron transport and will be a welcome addition to many undergraduate and graduate courses. Graduate students working in nuclear engineering neutron transport area will appreciate the d

Introduces Novel Applications for Solving Neutron Transport Equations

While deemed nonessential in the past, fractional calculus is now gaining momentum in the science and engineering community. Various disciplines have discovered that realistic models of physical phenomenon can be achieved with fractional calculus and are using them in numerous ways. Since fractional calculus represents a reactor more closely than classical integer o...

[PDF.oo76]  Fractional Calculus with Applications for Nuclear Reactor Dynamics
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You easily download any file type for your device.Fractional Calculus with Applications for Nuclear Reactor Dynamics   |  Santanu Saha Ray. I really enjoyed this book and have already told so many people about it!

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