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||2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.| very complete and dense|By Erica Robinson|This is DEFINITELY a textbook, not light reading, but it is one of the most complete resources for ceramics and has been useful in several of my classes in Materials Science and Engineering. The density of information is very high but the chapters are nicely segregated - callbacks are made to previous material, but you don't usually ha| |well-researchedup-to-date, thorough, and extensiveit summarizes in a single text a lot of information which is otherwise only available in severaltexts and review articles.

As the field's premiere source, this reference is extensively revised and expanded to collect hard-to-find applications, equations, derivations, and examples illustrating the latest developments in ceramic processing technology. This book is concerned primarily with the processing of polycrystalline ceramics and focuses on the widespread fabrication of ceramics by the firing of consolidated powders forms. A brief treatment of sol-gel processing is also included.


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You can specify the type of files you want, for your device.Ceramic Processing and Sintering (Materials Engineering)   |  Mohamed N. Rahaman. A good, fresh read, highly recommended.

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