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||1 of 3 people found the following review helpful.| Alternative Energy|By R. Calloway|Folks, This is a great read, especially if you are concerned about present day conditions with oil and climate issues. Also feel free to visit: [...] to help with these perplexing problems that are approaching us at a breakneck speed.|From Library Journal||A former reference librarian and the author of The Statistical Handbook on Technology, Berinstein here applies her statistical expertise to an analysis of alternative energy. The opening history of energy use includes coverage of conventio

Rising gas and utility prices, to say nothing of growing concerns about global warming, are fueling increased interest in alternative energy. Finding comprehensive information on this popular topic can be tough. Written for the layperson, this book is a one-stop source of information about alternative energy forms, in a world that needs it more than ever. Environmentally conscious individuals will find the most up-to-date information in this new annual summary. Impor...

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You easily download any file type for your gadget.Alternative Energy: Facts, Statistics, and Issues (Alternative Energy)   |  Paula Berinstein. A good, fresh read, highly recommended.

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